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Estimator: Getting Started
What information do I need in order to use april Estimator?
What information do I need in order to use april Estimator?

Making estimates about federal taxes requires some key information.

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This article was updated for Tax Year 2022, last edited on July 6th, 2023.

The Estimator bases your estimate on certain information that you provide, as well as other factors (such as then-current tax regulations). This means there are key details the Estimator will need from you. It is required that you have at least three paychecks to be able to move you forward in the process.

You may be able to import some or all of these fields automatically from the partner that referred you to april (e.g., your bank or your payroll provider).

  • DOB for yourself (and spouse if filing married jointly)

  • Current job information

    • Employer Name

    • Employer Address

    • EIN (Employer Identification Number)

  • Current job pay cycle information

    • Start date (use January 1st if the job began before the start of the current year)

    • First pay period end

    • Pay cycle cadence

    • Salary

  • Job and pay cycle information for other withholding jobs (if applicable)

  • Additional income sources (if applicable)

    • Self-employment

      • Income predicted, after deducting business expenses but not deducting taxes

    • Investments

      • Estimate of interest, dividends, or capital gains (such as stock, mutual fund, ETF, or other sales)

      • Estimate of how much will be withheld for taxes

    • Other income

      • Estimate of income total

      • Estimate of how much will be withheld for taxes

  • Dependents (how many and, if applicable, ages)

For coverage details and other important legal information about Estimator, you can read more here.

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